2014 EJ Scorecard: Did your legislator make the grade?

The Environmental Justice Scorecard is out! Is your legislator standing up for our communities? 

As a part of the California Environmental Justice Alliance 2014 EJ Scorecard(CEJA), we are proud to release the 2nd Environmental Justice Scorecard. The Scorecard is a tool for us to keep our legislators accountable!

It highlights a new reality for environmental policy: legislators can no longer ignore the issues that communities of color care about. People of color are California’s majority and the political future of our state, and they care about the environment.

2014 came with victories for our communities, and we need your help to make 2015 an even bigger year for environmental justice!

Did your legislator make the grade? Check their score and tell them “Thank you” or “Step it up in 2015”

On Twitter, use #EJScorecard.  Find Assembly twitter handles here and Senate twitter handles here.

  • Tweet your legislator: Thank you for recognizing the need for env. policies that benefit communities of color #EJscorecard bit.ly/1z8zIwF
  • Tweet your legislator: Grades are in, how did you measure up on environmental issues most important to communities of color? #EJscorecard bit.ly/1z8zIwF