Build Chinatown

Check out this video on the Chinatown Coalition and our vision for Oakland:

Join the Oakland Chinatown Coalition in building a strong, healthy, vibrant future for our neighborhood. We are working to make local development invest in community needs.

Sign on to this petition if you support this vision:

Dear Mayor Jean Quan, Oakland City Councilmembers (Dan Kalb-D1, Patricia Kernighan-D2, Lynette Gibson McElhaney-D3, Libby Schaaf-D4, Noel Gallo-D5, Desley Brooks-D6, Larry Reid-D7, Rebecca Kaplan-At Large);

Oakland needs strong neighborhoods where good development sustains economic growth and provides investment and benefits to support economically diverse communities.  Oakland is working on a 25 year plan for the area. As Chinatown community members and Oakland residents, WE DEMAND THAT THE STATION AREA PLAN CREATE SIGNIFICANT NEIGHBORHOOD STRENGTHENING STRATEGIES TO SUPPORT AN ECONOMICALLY DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE OAKLAND.

We urge you to champion the following choices and build strong neighborhoods for Oakland!

  • Support the growth and expansion of small businesses
  • Provide additional active park space and community/youth centers
  • Make our streets safer with two-way streets and lighting
  • Promote a healthy neighborhood by addressing toxic air pollution
  • Create mixed-income & family housing that matches the current 30/70 neighborhood ratio
  • Require mechanisms for neighborhood strengthening strategies provided as part of development


Click here to learn more about our Chinatown organizing.