On September 26, we will come together to celebrate victories, share stories, connect with frontline leaders, and grow our movement for a future where all of our communities can thrive.

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In 1991, working-class communities of color from across the country came together for the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit in Washington, DC — a seminal moment in the history of the environmental justice movement. Although over 350 grassroots leaders from across the country attended, only a handful of Asian-American organizers were present. It is out of conversations between some of these community leaders that the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) was born.

In Oakland, APEN members have successfully fought big developers so that people can stay and thrive in the historic cultural communities they’ve built over generations. In Richmond, we’ve organized to stop big oil companies like Chevron from poisoning our air so that families can thrive. With your support, we’ve been fighting and winning struggles for environmental justice in the Bay Area and across California.

To take on the challenges ahead of us, from climate change to gentrification, we need to embrace new strategies, deepening our roots in the Bay Area and growing our power across California.

In Oakland and Richmond, we are investing in grassroots climate and housing solutions that build the regenerative economy. We are working with partners to build community-owned solar and cooperative models rooted in working-class communities of color. We are deepening our housing justice organizing by educating our communities about land trusts and building a tenant rights movement rooted in our environmental justice values.

Statewide, we know that to build power that centers the needs of communities with the fewest material resources, we need to transform the way policymaking itself happens. That’s why we are building partnerships with working-class communities across the state to engage with immigrant and refugee voters in their languages and hold decision-makers accountable to our values.

With your help, we can build the power we need to ensure the right of every person to a decent, safe, affordable quality of life, in the Bay Area and across the state.

Register to join us at APEN’s 25th anniversary celebration!

At our 25th anniversary, you can expect:

  • A beautiful night out under the stars at the Oakland Museum of CA featuring celebration, music, and a seasonal, local menu to suit all dietary needs.
  • Coming together to celebrate our victories, share stories, connect with leaders on the frontlines, and grow our movement for a healthy, just future where all of our communities can thrive.
  • Generating vital financial support and momentum for APEN’s future.

Interested in sponsoring our anniversary event? Reach out to mariac@apen4ej.org for more information on how to become a sponsor.