Asian Pacific American Climate Coalition

Asian Pacific American Climate Coalition (APACC) Membership Form

Membership Levels
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*The APACC Core Group is composed of the most active organizations (Tier 1) in the coalition, which will guide APACC’s state policy campaigns and help organize community meetings/trainings in different regions.

APEN Policy Agenda: Healthy, Green, and Just Communities

  • Healthy, Vibrant Neighborhoods: Land use policy, community & economic development that builds green, walkable, affordable, culturally vibrant neighborhoods that lift up the existing community to thrive.
  • Clean Air and Healthy Communities: Pollution reduction and a transition to alternative energy to benefit climate and public health.
  • Green Economy and Green Jobs: A just transition for workers and communities to an economy that meets community needs, provides quality living-wage jobs, is good for the environment, and provides opportunities for all.
  • Democratic Participation and People Power: Those most impacted by the economic and environmental crises are able to fully engage in the decisions that affect their lives and hold governments accountable to community interests.