Calling all Richmond residents, organizations, and folks interested in learning more in our Richmond work!

RISE UP RICHMOND! Community Forum

April 11, 5:30PM – 8:30PM

Grace Lutheran Church

2369 Barrett Avenue

Dinner provided @ 5:30PM

We and the Our Power Coalition are advancing a just transition in Richmond to a regenerative, non-extractive economy, democratically governed by frontline community leadership, and grounded in racial justice.

Come to learn about and shape what this just transition looks like! take a plant

Join us for dinner and discussions on:

  • Becoming the owners of our food, housing, education, and healthcare systems
  • A Just Transition for Richmond
  • Creating a self-sustaining community
  • Meaningful work for a renewable energy future

We are the ones we have been waiting for! Our community has every right to lead Richmond’s movement for a sustainable future

This forum is brought to you by: APEN, Communities for a Better Environment, Rich City Rides, and Urban Tilth

For any questions, please contact Ratha Lai at 510-236-4616, ext 333

Big news: we’re launching in Los Angeles!
Find out more about the decision here or donate to join us on this next step.