Petition: No more “bomb trains” in our backyards!

We are collecting signatures to stop toxic and dangerous crude-by-rail in our community. Sign on now!

We express strong concern and opposition to Kinder Morgan’s rail transport of volatile crude oil through Bay Area neighborhoods to the Richmond terminal.  Crude-by-rail operations illustrate a clear and present danger to neighborhoods and schools, both in Richmond as well as other communities along the rail lines.  If an accident were to occur with a train carrying oil in Richmond, there are numerous schools, hospitals, community centers, and government buildings filled with people that would be in the potential radii of the blast.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) authorized Kinder Morgan to bring fracked Bakken crude and opened the possibility of future transport of mined Canadian Tar Sands crude by train to Richmond without having notified the public or conducted a public review.  Despite increasing numbers of incidents involving trains carrying oil, the air district staff ignored this danger when it issued Kinder Morgan their secret permit. This operation results in 300 tanker trucks on our streets for every 100 rail tankers brought into the Kinder Morgan facility.

Therefore, we demand the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District reverse the staff’s ministerial permit decision and institute a public review process under the California Environmental Quality Act for the Kinder Morgan Crude By Rail operation in Richmond.

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