AB 32 California’s landmark climate change law is reshaping California’s future and our environmental justice vision works toward no one being left behind.

In 2010, APEN launched the Asian Pacific American Climate Coalition (APACC) to develop APA leadership to ensure that AB 32 and other climate policies related to energy, jobs and housing are implemented equitably for all Californians.

Defining Campaigns

  • 2010: Defeated Proposition 23, an oil industry ploy to gut the state’s landmark climate change bill, AB 32
  • 2012: Educated APAs and policy leaders about climate and community investment opportunities that contributed to getting SB 535 “Community Benefits Fund” singed into law
  • Today: Leading statewide alliance for renewable energy and jobs throughout California!

Click here to support state investment in community led climate solutions.


Below is a list of APACC Core Groups:

Bay Area Region

  • Asian Neighborhood Design
  • Community Health for Asian Americans – Nail Salon Women Greening Their Jobs and The Environment
  • East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation
  • Forward Together (formerly ACRJ)
  • Laotian Organizing Project (of Asian Pacific Environmental Network)
  • Power in Asians Organizing (of Asian Pacific Environmental Network)
Los Angeles Region
  • Asian and Pacific Islanders California Action Network
  • Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council
  • End Oil
  • TOA Institute
  • Korean Resource Center
  • Little Tokyo Service Center
  • Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment

Delta Region

  • Pacific Isle Environmental Reserve (formerly Tonga Community of Sacramento)
  • TOFA

Valley Region

  • Fresno Metro Ministry
  • Merced Lao Family Community, Inc