Staff and Board

Meet APEN’s staff and board!

Eric Chan, Chinatown Operations Associate
eric [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Marie Choi, Research and Communications Manager
marie [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Puja Dahal, Richmond Operations Associate
puja [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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jing-jing-cropJing Jing He, Oakland Community Organizer
jingjing [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Rachel Lee Holstein, Development Director
rachellee [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Vivian HuangVivian Yi Huang, Campaign and Organizing Director
vivian [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Ratha Lai, Our Power Campaign Coordinator
ratha [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Mabel Lam, Political Director
mabell [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Maria Morales, Finance Coordinator
maria [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Torm Nompraseurt, Richmond Community Organizer
torm [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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amee-cropAmee Raval, Policy and Research Associate
amee [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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shina-cropShina Robinson, Local Policy Associate
shina [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Laiseng Saechao, State Organizer
laiseng [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Lio meng (Sandy) Saeteurn, Local Political Coordinator
sandy [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Parin ShahParin Shah, Senior Strategist
parin [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Seng So, State Organizer
seng [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Joty Sohi, Executive Assistant
joty [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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JakeJake Soiffer, Development and Communications Associate
jake [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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KennethKenneth Tang, Oakland Community Organizer
kenneth [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Chiravann cropChiravann Uch, Operations Coordinator
chiravann [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Malcolm Amado UnoMalcolm Amado Uno, Senior Advisor
amado [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Mei-ying WilliamsMei-ying Williams, Operations Director
mei-ying [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Alvina Wong, Oakland Organizing Director
alvina [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Miya YoshitaniKaren Yeung, Civic Engagement Coordinator
karen [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Miya YoshitaniMiya Yoshitani, Executive Director
miya [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Megan ZapantaMegan Zapanta, Richmond Community Organizer
megan [at] apen4ej [dot] org
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Nayantara photoBoard Chair, Nayantara Mehta
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Board Treasurer, Hao T. Lam
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Daniel Kikuo Ichinose
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Catherina “Cat” Nou
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Vu-Bang Nguyen
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Allistair Mallillin
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Ellen Wu
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Kimberly Chen
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