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Chevron’s disregard led to the August 2012 refinery fire and sent over 15,000 people to the hospital.

Horrifying–This shocking video by the Chemical Safety Board shows how Chevron knowingly disregarded health and safety recommendations.

Richmond residents and refinery workers deserve better, especially from a corporation that made $26.9 Billion in profits last year. We need to hold Chevron accountable and responsible for their actions. Stand with us in our demands that Chevron:

  • Pay their fair share of taxes to the City of Richmond and stop all frivolous litigation related to these matters.
  • Prevents future spills, fires, and explosions, by retrofitting the refinery with the best and safest available technology.
  • Generates power needed for refinery operations with renewable energy.
  • Invest in local renewable energy and jobs that support Richmond’s long-term transition to an economy that is good for people and the planet.

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