September 21, 2018, 3:30pm


Statement by Parin Shah, Senior Strategist, Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN):


“Given his history of siding with gas companies over Californians, we are not surprised that Governor Jerry Brown decided to bailout PG&E and stick working families across California with the bill.  Brown’s decision requires that customers, rather than PG&E’s investors, pay for the billions of dollars in damage resulting from the company’s irresponsible actions in last year’s Northern California wildfires.  


The increased energy costs from Brown’s PG&E bailout will hit poor and working class communities hardest, while protecting the profits of PG&E investors.  


Now more than ever, Californians need a decentralized 100% renewable energy grid that is owned, managed and operated by local communities who will always prioritize their own health and safety over the profits of investors.  We are hopeful that the next Governor will champion working families over investors.”


So much is at stake this election. Our livelihood, health, and the ability to determine our future are on the line.

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