We all deserve a healthy and clean environment where our communities can thrive.

Tell Governor Newsom:

Don’t let Big Oil write California’s climate plan!

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Chinatown is so important.

Chinatown is so important.

Most seniors in our community don’t speak English, and Chinatown is the only place we can access health services in Chinese, shop for the groceries we like to cook with, and access other essential services. Whenever I need something, I know I can go to Chinatown and find it.

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Our Decision to Transition to a Co-Directorship

Our Decision to Transition to a Co-Directorship

As we considered moving from a Sole ED leadership model to Co-Directorship, we wanted to understand what Co-Director and Sole ED leadership models looked like in practice for movement organizations, and the benefits and challenges of each. What structures and practices are needed for organizations to thrive under each of these models?

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Coming Home to APEN

Coming Home to APEN

For me, stepping into this Co-Director role alongside Vivian means coming home to the people that I’ve thrown down with for over a decade, to the land that has raised me, given me energy and life.

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Our History

For over two decades, APEN has been building the power of Asian immigrant and refugee communities on the frontlines of fighting big polluters.

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This year, Governor Newsom’s top air regulators are putting together the 2022 Scoping Plan, a blueprint for California’s climate policy for the next 20 years.

So much is on the line: Our air. Our homes. Our health. #OurClimateFuture

Call (866) 932-1358 or click here to tell Governor Newsom our communities need a plan for a #FutureBeyondOil in this year’s Scoping Plan.